Membership Benefits

Our Mission

The mission of the Towing and Recovery Association is to work to make Georgia the best state in the nation in which to base and operate a towing company.

To that end, TRAG seeks to promote:
Reasonable Laws,
Even-handed, common-sense administration,
Equitable and competitive fees and taxes,
A market, political and social environment favorable to the towing industry, and
Good citizenship among the people and companies of Georgia’s towing industry.

Legislative Advocacy

TRAG serves as your advocate to the lawmakers and regulators that affect our industry.

TRAG is instrumental in assuring that the towing industry perspective is incorporated into pending legislation in Georgia’s state legislature.

TRAG’s legislative agenda targets the association’s lobbying efforts at legislation and regulations that will provide support to vulnerable groups and advance professional practice training and research opportunities for the towing industry.

TRAG works to elect officials that best represent its interests. Your membership with TRAG will help support these vital efforts which will benefit your company as well as the industry as a whole.

Promote Your Industry!

TRAG creates a greater awareness of the economic and public service role of the towing industry through:
Leadership - TRAG produces voluntary leadership, colleagues who actively mobilize you and your peers toward industry-wide action, who chart your industry’s future.

Organization - TRAG presents one strong, unified voice to the mass media and those special interest groups that try to limit or take away your rights and/or hard-earned accomplishments.

Outreach - TRAG community outreach programs tell the story of the importance, professionalism and many contributions you make to improve Georgia.

Organization - TRAG presents one strong, unified voice to the mass media and those special interest groups that try to limit or take away your rights and/or hard-earned accomplishments.

Stay Informed

TRAG keeps you abreast of potential industry-wide problems, solutions, and vital information through the quarterly Tow Tips Newsletter.

Members receive four issues each year of Tow Tips, which features in-depth coverage of developments in the Georgia Towing industry, political and legislative news, achievements of towing professionals, and a Marketplace classified section.

Professional Review

TRAG promotes the quality and effectiveness of the towing industry. This mission encompasses the maintenance of ethical conduct and fair practices. TRAG can help to review and resolve complaints of ethical violations or unfair practices that could be detrimental to this mission.

Get Involved

One of the most valuable benefits of TRAG membership is the opportunity for members to discuss problems, probe new directions, and share and criticize each other’s thoughts. To that end, TRAG sponsors a variety of events and activities:

Annual TRAG Meeting

Professional education through TRAG provides continuous opportunities for hands-on training. TRAG holds monthly board meetings to share ideas. They enable you and your key people to improve your skills, receive industry recognition and increase your knowledge. Who profits from that? WE ALL DO!

Save Money With TRAG!

Your ability to be competitive and generate a profit is our primary concern, and our programs are geared to help you do just that. TRAG is working to offer a variety of money-saving programs to members and their employees such as the following:

- Long Distance Telephone and Data Services

- Exclusive Workers Compensation Programs

- Disability Insurance and Income Protection Plans

- Next-Day Air Services

Tow Partners Membership

TRAG has reactivated our membership with TowPartners, which means that all TRAG members are now TowPartners Gold Level Members courtesy of TRAG. You can visit the website at to view all of the benefits you receive as a TowPartners Gold Level Member.

Becoming a member of TRAG makes you stronger-and you make us stronger too. The many benefits of membership are designed to help every towing company in Georgia increase their bottom line. Your investment in TRAG will ensure that we remain your strongest advocate.

TRAG Address
Towing & Recovery Association of Georgia
PO Box 723356
Atlanta, GA 31139

Contact Phone/Fax
Toll Free: 888-737-4513
Fax: 404-963-6188